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Tax Preparation



If you are a business owner or self employed Please Provide us with full list of expenses  amount and profit in your business.  We will NOT calculate & breakdown your expenses for you. If the information you provide to us is incomplete or not correct we will not be able to file your tax return.

Uploads of all tax documents, state issued ID, W-2 statements, income statements and social security cards for everyone on the return are REQUIRED documents needed for filing. If you have additional documents that you can not attach to the intake form, please let us know and email it to us at 

Pricing For Tax Preparation

Individuals Tax Filing Return : $200

Business /Self Employed:  $400




Business Credit: 


Client Will Receive:

  • 1:1 Coaching  with Me on Zoom with live Demonstration.

  • List of requirements needed to start the Building Business Credit Process.

  • Lists of Vendors & Revolving accounts.

  • Contacts for Business Funding.

  • A Step by Step guide on how to apply for accounts .

  • Tips on how to get a Paydex Score generate

  • Text "Business Credit" to 515-500-1980  


COST: $600

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